Delivery is carried out by courier service in Yerevan and in other regions of Armenia 24 hours a day.

  1. For making an order, it is necessary to add the chosen goods to cart and to checkout the order. You can also make an order on phone by calling +37460516168:
  2. After the order is done, it cannot carry any changes unless you call the salon or write an email to us to inform about the changes.
  3. The price of delivery depends on the address and delivery time. The total price in a basket shows the price of goods and the price of delivery.
  4. After the order is made you receive a letter about confirming your order.
  5. The invoice is provided together with goods during delivery. All expenses are described in the invoice (flowers, a note, delivery…)
  6. The client can make changes before the goods are delivered. Once delivered the client has to pay the overall cost of goods.
  7. If the reason for refund of goods is the damaged packaging, then you have to leave a note about it in the form of delivery. In that case change or return of overall cost of goods is possible.

Refund of the goods

For having a full refund a client has to:

  1. Provide the invoice
  2. Provide goods in their original and not damaged look
  3. The refund of money in cash or via bank transfer is possible within 7 working days.
  4. If necessary our employee can contact the client, for a refund of goods

During the refund of goods, the amount for delivery is not refunded. If you ordered flowers through our online store with a discount or with an auction, then during a refund the amount of delivery will be charged., according to the prices specified on our website.